Creative Solutions

Since the dawn of the internet (well, 1995 if you prefer to be precise) DeFabio Design has created original content and marketing materials for the entertainment industry across multiple media platforms.

These days the majority of our work is producing TV commercials and our client base has expanded from film studios, TV shows and video games to sectors like live entertainment, IT, green architecture and biotech.



From concept to final delivery, DeFabio Design has your marketing needs covered.

We'll help shape your strategy, define the concept, script write or copy write, design, cast the on-camera or voice talent, produce and direct, then edit and add motion graphics (when needed).
Start to finish we'll make sure your creative vision is realized and your marketing goals are met.


What We Do

  • TV Spots 
  • Corporate Videos 
  • Conference & Arena Videos
  • Web Videos
  • Explainer Videos/ Diagramatics*
  • Creative Strategy
  • Script Writing
  • Story Boards
  • Voice Over
  • On Screen or Voice Talent Casting
  • Film Producing & Directing
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual FX
  • Show Opens
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Infographics
  • Brand Identity/ Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Package Design

*Diagramatics are typically animated videos to explain a new technology or an unclear concept.
You've probably seen examples of this where some one draws on a white board to match the narration, but there are various styles and techniques.


DeFabio Bio

   I probably can’t hide the fact that I’m a product of the 1980s. The twin revolutions of home video cameras and home computers shaped me more than I’d have guessed at the time. Before high school I was cobbling together code on a TI-99/4A to make my own versions of Pac-Man and Centipede. The Pac-Man knock-off had graphics so faithful I would flip our television (remember when TV sets were the monitors for our computers) into the portrait orientation they used in arcade games. My video work began on a camera my dad brought home from work on the weekends. Remember the kind of camera that you tethered to a separate suitcase sized VCR? Despite the lack of a single frame recording option, I set about filming paper cut out animations spoofing then-current events like Michael Jackson’s flaming Pepsi ad. All so I could play it back on TV and “ooh” and “ah” over the magical results.

    I remember distinctly a day in the computer lab at Boston College. Few of us had computers of our own so you booked time on a Mac at the lab. I was creating some images on a black and white Mac, missing the 16 colors of my TI-99/4A back home, when another student artist stopped to look over my shoulder.  He asked why I would do art on a computer. I could only think to myself “Why would you not?”.

    Unfortunately computer aided design wasn’t yet so practical as to help me with my Advertising 301 homework. I recall peeling and sticking LectraSet typefaces, cut out letter by letter, only to hear from the professor that there was probably a better font I could choose.  

    I moved to Los Angeles to try my hand as a screenwriter and worked in TV and movie production for a few years. But when the next media revolution came along I knew I’d have to play a part in it. The wide open possibilities of the internet and online media gave me a new way to combine screenwriting with my twin childhood interests. I went from doubting that this e-commerce thing could ever succeed to becoming one of the earliest creators of original entertainment online (later called web series) and marketing websites for entertainment giants. Multimedia allowed me to write, direct, produce, voice act, and animate in ways that had not been attempted before.

    So it should be no surprise that those early passions of computer graphics and video production drive DeFabio Design today. When clients come to me they want something created that makes their audience go “ooo” or “ah”.  My whole life has been about creating those moments. Whether writing and producing an entire industrial video, short film or TV commercial or adding special effects or motion graphics to someone else’s vision, the energy from those childhood dreams shines through.  Each client’s project is a challenge, a chance to find a new creative solution. Whenever true passion is brought to a project it surpasses the reasonable expectations of schedules and budgets. Let that passion fuel your next project.

What can DeFabio Design for you?