Promotional video for PBS by DeFabio Design.

When PBS wanted to show the world's leading advertisers that they would be a good fit as sponsors of PBS, they turned to DeFabio Design. We were asked to re-script, design, voice and re-edit an existing video starring Steve Goldbloom of PBS Digital's series “Everything But the News”. The new piece would retain Steve's comedy as a signal that PBS is not as stuffy as some brands might think while more clearly showing that many different styles fit in as PBS partners. The highly effective tagline “Get them while they're thinking” was preserved and given a new visual identity that evokes active engagement with thought provoking programming. Our motion graphics help deepen the correlation between “thinking” and viewing a PBS program.

You can read more about this video and how it fits the overall strategy at PBS at Current. They go so far as to quote nearly every line of our narration.


You can view the piece by clicking here, then scroll down to the Partnerships section and click the first video “Working Together”.