Tougher days

September. New school year and so of course a cold for Lucas.  And for the last month more discomfort or at least complaining.  At first it seemed likely related to the cold he had but that has cleared and the complaining has not.  It tends to be early morning and later evenings that Lucas complains more than before.  He can usually be brought back to smiles and laughs with enough play and attention so we can't rule out that these are just emotional displeasures he's voicing. But we're always afraid it could be physical. Our leading theory is poop related.  He might be finding it even more burdensome to poop.  (This January we discovered he needed daily Miralax.  Perhaps a larger dose is now needed.) 

It could be he's passing small bladder stones, although we haven't seen the stones in his urine. He sees urology in 2 days. His past few check ins with urology have had surprisingly positive reports.

And there's his hips.  After the right went to permanent dislocation (high and out side) in May of 2014, Lucas has had almost no complaints about that.  Then August 2015, after we decided against hip surgery, the left femur dislocated. It is inside and forward near the groin. It can pop back in to the proper location but spends 95% of time dislocated.  Mostly this seems not to bother Lucas.  But since something is bothering him and the timelines match perhaps it is related to the hip.

Prior to the past month we might go 3-7 days with out hearing an audible complaint from Lucas. Those we could almost always attribute to an emotional complaint rather than physical discomfort.  For the last month the complaints happen about 7:30-8:30am and 6:00-6:30 pm.  Of course this is wake up time and ready for bed time.  And on weekdays he's at school 9-3 so we don't observe any complaints he might have.

Update: 10/9 Urology visit went well.  Noted 1-2 kidney stones, and many bladder stones but not worrisome enough to warrant more than "wait and see". The next day a poppy seed sized stone was expelled.  Having ruled out discomfort from stones we upped his Miralx to 5 ml 2x daily (up form 1x).  So far that solves it (as of 10/14).