Smarter Lucas?

In the last 3 weeks or so we've noticed Lucas seems more aware, more responsive, more capable. Granted this are tiny gains but clearly gains. He's more interested in toys and TV shows. He plays a hide and seek game when his mom says "Where's Lukey?", he tries to burrow his head down into a hiding spot or cover his eyes his his arm. When someone says "Look who's here Lucas" he searches for the new arrival. He's more interested in toys and a bit more capabe of grabbing them.

It seems like a rather sudden gain in abilities. But here's a theory. About three weeks ago we introduced a daily laxative to relieve his chronic constipation. It worked. Before that the constipation would exhaust him daily as he struggled. It had been a problem since September. So maybe when the constipation was relieved it left him with more energy to use on other things.